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An idea that emerged from an earlier trawl through the archive of images around 2014-5, the basic premise being to select a single image to represent one specific day that I’d been out with the camera since the start of the Millennium, and to do that for 1001 images.

The final selection was then to be presented in two ways: first, an exhibition of all 1001 images randomly displayed as a continuous wall of ‘tiles’ and with no information other than the date the picture was taken. Then I would start a blog, and, on a daily basis, select one of the exhibition images and tell the story of that particular day/image, with some helpful informative links and a few more pictures.

The first presentation was at platform in Southwark late 2015, and was updated and re-hung at [email protected] for Spring 2016, and again in Spring 2018. a ‘final’ update is in the pipeline, but as yet no space to present it has been booked.

I’ve managed to describe just over half of the images in the blog, but then burn-out kicked in & there’s been something of a pause, although as soon as a new exhibition is scheduled, I expect the blogging to begin again in earnest.