With its unmatched cultural variety, its vibrant centres of creativity and its long and colourful history, it’s not surprising that London hosts an extraordinary number of public celebrations, commemorations and events each year. Since the beginning of the Millennium I’ve encountered over 700 of these events, many of them on a number of occasions.

To try and present this multitude of gatherings in a few pages on a website is, well, impossible. So I’ve tried to make it slightly more manageable by organising individual interests into specific groups, (with many of those breaking down into smaller sub-groups) – some of which inevitably overlap with other groups, which can get confusing, and which ultimately exposes the futility of such an undertaking.

But this is what makes London the unique city it is – a vast Venn Diagram of overlapping multi-culturalism: different faiths, cultures, enthusiasts and performers, all taking to the streets, often engaging with curious onlookers and each other in an ever-evolving melting pot of energy and passion.