Outside of the Central London Main Attractions, there are (probably) hundreds of small local fetes and festivals, taking place annually in every nook and cranny of the capital. Most of these follow a similar template, with the odd tweak fashioned to appeal to local dynamics, and almost all of them take place between mid-June (‘Summer Officially Begins’) and mid-July (‘Schools Out’).

Covering this topic adequately would be something of a challenge for even for the most ardent documentarian. Also, a lot of these events depend on enthusiastic volunteers with very little money for their very existence, so inevitably a certain homogeneity creeps in, making a special journey across boroughs during peak festival time for the local folk band (as good as they may be) and a tombola something of an indulgence.

Which is my excuse for why the majority of the images selected here just happen to have been taken within a mile or two of the SE1 postal district.