(Coming 2022-23)

Basically a selection of images dating from when I first began taking & printing photos in the mid 1990’s, covering the few years until the new Millennium (& all the other projects here) kicks in.

It’s interesting not just to see how much London has changed in terms of infrastructure and architecture, but also in more subtle ways regarding life in the streets and social behaviour, particularly in an era when digital technology was in its infancy and the most significant feature of a mobile phone was the fact that it was a phone that was mobile.

Not only were the joys of social media a distant pipedream – we didn’t even have Google until 1998 – so seeking out and researching events to photograph would almost entirely depend on Time Out or just happening to be in the right place at the right time. Hence we encounter more street markets than festivals during this period, which, of course, ends with a spectacular New Year’s Eve, the climax of which included the back of my camera opening unexpectedly & a whole film being ruined. A Sign, obviously…