(Coming late 2022)

As the title implies, this is a ‘collection’ of projects emanating from a variety of themes that bubbled to the surface whilst working through the hundreds of events and festivals that have contributed to the London In Common project.

Some of these will have come about whilst noticing common tropes and situations that seem to be a factor of all types of gathering. As well as these, there are a number of recurring themes finding their way into those miscellaneous images taken before & after an event.

On top of that there are the arty/abstract temptations: shadows, silhouettes, reflections, inversions, tweaks and crops that didn’t really belong in London In Common’s more documentary demands.

Saying all that, because – apart from one or two sections – I haven’t really got very far in finalising the selection here out of the dozens of possible topics that appeared during the initial research. So, when this set of projects is completed hopefully sometime in 2022, there may well be a completely different set of options available when you click onto this link.