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This comes from an idea that had been bubbling around since the early 2010s which was given the opportunity for realisation by the 2012 London Olympics, following a call-out for creative ideas for a cultural accompaniment to the main sporting extravaganza.

What resulted was a 40-minute ‘slideshow’ revealing London’s great variety of customs and activities in a chronological journey through a year of the city’s annual events.
Despite the challenging schedule (composer Tim Peach had about a week to create the accompanying score), the film was completed & presented on the big screen in Potters Field Park to a large crowd no doubt delighted to be watching this instead of the Olympic closing ceremony (which for logistical reasons couldn’t be shown).

When Lockdown prevented a launch presentation of a ‘London In Common’ exhibition at Regent’s Place in Summer 2020 for their annual Great Get Together event, the opportunity was taken to revise and update the 80 Festivals film (also allowing Tim a bit more time to tweak the soundscape) and to release it on YouTube.

(The carousel above presents just the opening image from each of the 80 events featured. For the full experience, click on the link below)