It goes without saying that a visitor from almost anywhere on the planet will be able to find some sort of ‘community’ of ex-pats representing their homeland somewhere within Greater London (should they want to). Some of these communities are much more established than others, of course, whilst some are more inclined to celebrate their National Day / Significant Annual Occasion / Non-specific Knees-up in a noisy and colourful public display than others.

In this section I’ve tried to give a taste of some of the wide variety of international gatherings taking part each year (although, as we’ll discover in some of the other categories in this project, global politics and local finances can have a detrimental effect on the continuing viability of a number of these events). From the officially sanctioned and professionally organised (St Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year, Notting Hill Carnival…), to the unofficial and potentially chaotic (take a bow Sweden & New Zealand), the desire for ex-pats to remind themselves of at least an element of home is universal.