Without dwelling on arguments concerning the futility of many of these gatherings in their ability to successfully challenge miscarriages of justice or to instigate policy changes, the least a good protest march can achieve is the opportunity for like-minded souls to come together and share experiences, get a bit of exercise and create some entertaining banners.

They also help to keep a particular grievance alive – especially now social media can spread a message much more effectively than any mainstream news organisation. So the wit and originality of your banner obviously takes on a much greater significance.

[Until the law changes] The streets of London are witness to dozens of demonstrations every month – most for specific personal injustices – without greatly inconveniencing traffic or police [Peter Marshall has somehow managed to document a substantial number of them on his website]. Most of the images here are from the larger protests, some of which I’ve been to as a participant, some as an observer & some I’ve encountered en-route to another event (just in case you were curious).