Some of London’s faith communities are more in the habit of celebrating their religion, and significant events within it, in a public space than others (and seeing as almost my entire archive is concerned with outdoor events, indoor ceremonies and rituals sadly tend not to feature much in this project).

The Hindu and Sikh communities positively relish demonstrating their faith in epic and colourful outdoor gatherings, whereas public celebrations for Jewish and Muslim worshippers tend to be limited to a small number of specific festivals.

Amongst Christians, those of the Catholic persuasion tend to be more comfortable with public display than Protestants (not surprisingly), though Easter, and to a lesser extent, Christmas, provides all congregations with a number of opportunities to take to the streets. [A good number of African congregations may well celebrate in a splendidly joyous and photogenic way, but I refer to the first paragraph here as to why they haven’t so far featured in this section]